A message from our President

Ten-Ten, it was a day even the most experienced meteorologist feared to forecast. Northwest Florida prepared for a swiftly developing hurricane, possibly a category 4 even reaching a cat 5 level, threatening to bash some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Some were scarred, some were spared and one we will not forget.
Hurricane Michael was fierce and left a destructive mark on the natural landscape, a day the center of our region’s landscape was changed.
With this being said, the other areas of the region remain intact in its natural pristine beauty, and welcome visitors. Coastal and inland communities in Walton, Franklin and sections of west Bay are delighted to receive visitors. The remaining sections of the region are in full swing with clean up and debris removal.
Every day progress is made. We see the light and know the hard work of crews, volunteers, and organizations assisting us will get us back in business to welcome visitors to the rest of our region.
The sunsets may yield a different view but the sight remains clear, Explore Northwest Florida is quickly rebounding and will soon see the sun shine even all meteorologist will accurately forecast.
Choose Your Adventure in Northwest Florida
Pam Fuqua, President