Seaside’s RFP Theatre Presents “Every Christmas Story Ever Told…And Then Some” Dec 1st-29th

Performances held throughout December
Every Christmas Story Ever Told!
Back for its 8th year, The REP Theatre of Seaside, FL presents their smash-hit holiday comedy,
“Every Christmas Story Ever Told . . . And Then Some”.
This hilarious whirlwind of a performance tackles all of your favorite Christmas stories while bringing in all the special holiday traditions you share with your family: watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, caroling and regifting that fruitcake . . . again.
The delightful cast keeps the energy high and the audience laughing as they take on every “Beloved Holiday Classic”. Consistent audience participation brings the entire family in on the fun. Who doesn’t want to see dad play a convincing Cindy Lou-Who? “Every Christmas Story” provides the laughs but never strays from the heart of the holiday season, a time when families get to spend time together. The show is family-friendly and great for all ages!