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Editorial: A River (of Money) Runs Through It

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By:   Homer Hirt

Immediate Past President, RiverWay South, Apalachicola-Choctawhatchee

One of the legends of West Florida relates that Mr. Ed Ball, who ruled the vast holdings of St. Joe Company, was approached by some California businessmen.  They had a need for  land and St. Joe controlled a million acres in West Florida.  After listening  as they related their plan for a tourist destination center, he, in measured tones, said:  “I don’t hold much with carnival rides”.


Explore OUR Florida!

My husband and I have been traveling the RiverWay region for two years, documenting its beauty, bounty, culture, and secret places. We’ve traded busy highways for winding country roads where cotton and peanut are king and Shade Tobacco history is traced through abandoned barns. I’ve visited land adorned by log cabins, pecan groves, and cattle. Land where grist mills stand by creeks and cane grinders are used to make syrup. Agriculture is celebrated here. (more…)