A Remarkable Diversity of Wildlife

In terms of wild places, a diversity of species and the opportunity to see both, few places compare to the Florida Panhandle. One of six biodiversity hotspots in the U.S., Northwest Florida boasts more reptile, amphibian and carnivorous plant species than any comparable area in the country due to its diversity of habitats. These range from crystal-clear springs and limestone caves to sparkling beaches and old-growth longleaf pine forests.

Many sites are part of the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail, a series of the best birding spots in the region that offer wildlife enthusiasts the chance to see snowy plovers, red-cockaded woodpeckers, least terns and much more. 

Visiting any of these sites rewards experts and amateurs alike with scenes of beauty and juxtapositions they may never see elsewhere. Carnivorous pitcher plants bursting out of a seepage bog, mountain laurel and saw palmetto growing side-by-side in a steep ravine or a burrowing owl retreating to its burrow after a stealth bomber soars overhead.