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Adventure Awaits

in Northwest Florida

Adventures in Northwest Florida will satisfy the thrill seekers to museum lovers. The Northwest Florida region is a unique piece of paradise. Palm trees blow in the wind next to canopy oak trees draped with Spanish moss. Without a doubt, the diversity is robust and a must see.

Step back and relax, time seems to slow down in Northwest Florida. This region is also known as the panhandle of Florida where scenic wonders rule. The unspoiled terrain has rolling hills. Therefore, hikers and bikers seek the elevation change.

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Nature Escapes

Visitors who seek the unknown and off the beaten path need to experience Northwest Florida. Choose from either small or busy award-winning beautiful beaches, or explore the lakes, rivers, and springs of our inland southern towns. When the lights go out after dark, the crickets start to sing under the stars.

Our landscape is filled with undiscovered places to see and things to do. Moreso, Northwest Florida is home to unique Florida State Parks loaded with nature-based tourism. It is blessed with natural wonders, wildlife, and mini-ecotourism marvels.

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Northwest Florida

Historically Speaking

History stands strong as sections of the region were explored by Spanish missionaries. Northwest Florida is situated in the middle of the two oldest cities in the United States. Historically speaking, St. Augustine and Pensacola Florida are the two oldest cities. Narrow trails of their travels are evident and marked with roadside markers.

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